Georges Folmer

They talk about Folmer

Nina Kandinsky

Folmer was introduced to Nina Kandinsky by the President of the Réalités Nouvelles, Fredo Sides, at the opening of the 1950 edition.

« (…) I thought to be able to arrange our meeting before the holidays, but unfortunately I had much to do. That’s why I have to postpone it to the fall. »Nina Kandinsky

Bernard Dorival (1914-2003)

Bernard Dorival is the Vice-Curator (in collaboration with Jean Cassou in 1947), and then Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne of paris in 1967.

« The Art of Folmer has a place in the great concert of “Geometric Abstraction” (…) while caressing and shining together »Bernard Dorival, letter dated 1988

« I accept gladly be Honorary Member of the Committee of the Association of Friends of Folmer. I’m sure she will do an excellent job and it’s a great satisfaction for me to be a little bit involved »Bernard Dorival, letter dated June, 11th 1988

Michel Seuphor (1901-1999)

Michel Seuphor was a critic, writer and artist.

« (…) Personally I have always appreciated the effort too isolated in the sphere of Folmer constructivist. The organization, under its aegis, the Hall of geometric movements within the new reality, sometimes in the general indifference, was a courageous act and then I have often admired his tenacity “(…) the quality of his work which obviously has its place in constructivist. Same place, in my opinion, very prominent in polychrome wood sculptures. These works are among the most beautiful I have known of constructivism in three dimensions. I have often had little they are lost. They are not and should find a place in museums and protection »Michel Seuphor, letter dated October, 23rd 1987

Serge Lemoine

Curator, Art Historian, Professor at the Sorbonne. Chief Curator of the Museum of Grenoble (1986-2001) and President of the Musée d’Orsay until 2008. Directs studies at the Sorbonne on Carine Florentin about Folmer from 1989 to 1997: MA, DEA about Group Mesure founded by Folmer and doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne about the catalog of Folmer’s work in 1997. Serge Lemoine considers Folmer “is in the line of Herbin” and “part of the first circle of Herbin, there is one of its best representatives.” “Georges Folmer was concerned with the issue of active synthesis of the Arts (…) It was acknowledged the progress made ​​by George Folmer, which led to Cubism Abstract Art the most rigorous, through a logical incursion in the area of kinetics: it is a straight path. “Preface by Serge Lemoine, the exhibition catalog at Yves Mikaeloff in 1990 in Paris. Acquisitions by the Museum of Grenoble, “Triad 1951”, “Polychrome wood 1951” and “Roto-1964 painting”.

Sylvie Buisson,

Curator of the Musée du Montparnasse, expert, author of “La Ruche, Cité d’Artistes” Edit. Alternatives 2009.

Laurence Imbernon

Curator and Director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, “Georges Folmer: his path to abstraction” catalog of the retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes in 2010. “Georges Folmer: the Spirit of geometry in the path of his work.” Catalogue of the exhibition at WIPO in Geneva in 2010. Exhibition catalog from “The Gallery” in Paris in 2011 “the golden to geometric abstraction.”

His friends artists, architects

Servanes, Beöthy, Gorin, Lempereur High, Domela, Nemours, Breuer, Cahn, Tarabella, Del Marle, Dubuisson, Valensi, The Caisne, Pellerin, Morellet, Cieslarczyk, Peire, Melano, Uniacke, Fruhtrunk …. A collection will be published on all these actors united around the “founders” of Abstraction-Creation and New Realities, and the Space Group and Measurement Group.
Exhibition at the Galerie Drouart in Paris 2009 “The aesthetics of constructivism from 1951 to 1970” by Daniel Schildlover catalog, expert, and Domitilla d’Orgeval, Dr. in History of Art.

The press (excerpts non exhaustive):

2015 TV-Show « Les Matins de Paris » aired on Friday, April 15th on France 3 Ile-de-France :

2011 “La Gazette Drouot” No. 20 Georges Folmer: exhibition at the Galerie Rue Bonaparte in Paris: “From the Golden to geometric abstraction ‘Designs, inks, monotypes, polychrome wood, paintings, mosaics and moving works of 1930 to 1960 Carré Rive Gauche of ink drawings of Folmer at Diane de Polignac, in rue de Lille.

2010 “La Gazette Drouot” No. 17 Georges Folmer Museum of Rennes (…) Today, the museum pays tribute to this artist who was at the heart of constructivist research (…)

2010 “L’oeil” No. 622 Roads to Abstraction by Colin Cyvoct (…) the deliberate intention not to take into account the geometric construction, balance and proportions renew his visual vocabulary. Mathematical depth research the Golden reinforce belief “… .. repros. Composition and canvas 1947 untitled 1956.

2010 “Connaissance des Arts” No. 680 The Art of George Folmer constructive …. Reproduced. “Thesis”.

2009 “Mein Geld” Nov.-Dec. Deutschland / Österreich Erfolgsstory: George Folmer, Französischer Maler und bei Bildhauer Mathilde Bauer.

2008 “L’Est Républicain” “Castle Museum” Abstracting Montbéliard The widening its wake …. With works by Coppel, Folmer in the wake of the great exhibition Herbin Fauchille by Bernard, curator fascinated by geometric abstraction.

1993 “Revue du Louvre”: “Georges Folmer and Geometric Abstraction” by Claude Petry, Chief Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts of Nancy.

1990 “The Gazette of Geneva” “Mikaeloff FOLMER rediscovered” by citing Vinciane Moeschler Folmer “attack again, the word still is the true formula of Art!”.
“Figaro Magazine” by Véronique Prat: About the exhibition Folmer at Yves Mikaeloff: repro. color “Cubist Head 1930.”

1971 Nantes Museum of Fine Arts Collection Fardel Gildas around the sources of abstraction with the donation Handinsky “a few more recent Hartung, Magnelli and Folmer” photo of the canvas “I have a hole in the wall of a canvas window.”

1962 “Le Figaro” At the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles … At the Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris.

1959 “Combat” Consolidation of Painters and Sculptors “constructivist”
“Constructivism and Malévitich, Mondrian, Vantongerloo, Van Doesburg and Pevsner did not turn off …” repro.sculpture of George Folmer.

1951 “The Arts” Invention of Forms and occupation of space-by-FOLMER RV Gindertael about the exhibition at Colette ALLENDY. In this article the author perfectly captures the data of the Art of FOLMER emphasizes the influences, the originality and urging the future importance.