Georges Folmer

Georges Folmer’s Committee

The Committee’s mission of Georges Folmer is first an authentication work. Any application is submitted solely to the claimant of the artist: his daughter Catherine Folmer-Santoni having the exclusive rights.

Its Board of Directors consists of four members, all involved for many years in art either as actor or collector of renown:

  • President: Dr. Pierre Lasfargues, Collector
  • Vice-President: Laurence Imbernon, Heritage Curator
  • Treasurer: Dr. Ali Mansouri, Collector
  • General Secretary: Jean-Marie Guibert, Notary, Collector

The Committee intends to complete the census works for all purposes to develop the Volume IV of the catalog and to provide for the publication.

The Committee shall inform its members of events around the work of George Folmer.
It can organize thematic interviews about the artist and the artistic period thereto.
The Committee welcomes anyone, who is interested in business and wishing to exchange their views.
The annual participation is set for 2012 to thirty euros.

To join the committee, download the submission form by clicking here.

Contact the committee

Committee Georges FOLMER
29, rue Fresnel
F-75116 Paris

Toll-Free: +1 (844) 335-5223